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Sherriff’s War

R C Sherriff

This account of R C Sherriff’s activities in the First World War, is based upon the numerous letters which he sent to his mother during his training and service on the Western Front, as well as official military records. For reasons of censorship, once Sherriff had embarked for France, he gave no details as to […]

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Sir John French (1852-1925)

Sir John French, 1st Earl of Ypres

Although his military career began in the Navy, French switched to the cavalry in 1870, after which he saw service in Ireland, India and Egypt before taking command of the 1st Cavalry Brigade, stationed at Aldershot. Following the Boer War French’s rise through the ranks continued until he was made a Field Marshal. In 1914 […]

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Field Marshal The Earl Kitchener (1850-1916)

Field Marshal The Earl Kitchener

Horatio Herbert Kitchener was born into a military family and was, naturally, commissioned into the Royal Engineers in 1871. He saw service in the Sudan, the Boer War, India and Egypt before the beginning of the Great War. By pure chance, Kitchener was in Britain on leave when the war broke out and Prime Minister […]

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