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Erich Von Falkenhayn (1861-1922)

Erich von Falkenheim

Erich Georg Anton Sebastian von Falkenhayn was born on 11th November 1861 in Burg Belchau, West Prussia. A career soldier, Falkenhayn rose quickly through the ranks and by 1913 had been appointed Prussian Minister of War. When the Schlieffen Plan failed in the autumn of 1914, he replaced Helmuth von Moltke as Chief of the […]

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Kaiser Wilhelm II (1859-1941)

Kaiser Wilhelm II

The grandson of Queen Victoria, Wilhelm became Emperor of Germany in June 1888. He soon dismissed the ‘Iron Chancellor’ Otto Von Bismarck and Germany embarked on the creation of strong military forces. During the First World War, Wilhelm’s influence subsided and power devolved, essentially, into the hands of his generals. By the end of the […]

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