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Birdsong – Part Two

Birdsong - BBC Television adaptation

Despite my misgivings about the first part of the BBC adaptation of Sebastian Faulks’s Birdsong, I still had fairly high hopes for the second half. Okay, there was a lot to cram in to one episode, but at least it would mainly focus around Stephen Wraysford, his comrades and their reactions, rather than the slightly […]

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Birdsong Review – Part One

Birdsong bbc-tv adaptation

PLEASE NOTE: This article contains spoilers because it is based not just on the BBC adaptation, but on the story as a whole. I began watching the BBC’s adaptation of Birdsong as not the world’s greatest fan of this novel, or its author, but with fairly high hopes, based on the trailers that have been […]

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The Kaiser’s Yanks

The Kaiser's Yanks by Gary C Warne

The Kaiser’s Yanks by Gary C Warne Publisher: Publishing Success Online (Part of Richardson Publishing Inc.) Available on Amazon in UK at £9.50 As the centenary of the First World War approaches, that topic and its participants seem to be providing a rich source of material for authors and writers alike (not to mention dramatists, […]

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The Red Sweet Wine of Youth – The Brave and Brief Lives of the War Poets

The Red Sweet Wine of Youth by Nicholas Murray cover

A group portrait of the poets of the First World War by Nicholas Murray Published by: Little, Brown Cover Price: £25.00 All references given below refer to the hardback edition. Before reviewing this book, I thought I would read the opinions of others and, upon doing so, discovered it had been almost universally praised as […]

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Letters from the Trenches – A Soldier of the Great War

Letters from the Trenches book cover

by Bill Lamin Published by: Michael O’Mara Books Limited Price: £14.99 The death of the “Last Fighting Tommy” Harry Patch, has led to the genre of First World War diaries, letters and first-hand accounts receiving even greater attention in the media, in published book form and on the internet. This particular title has scored on […]

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