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The Kaiser’s Yanks

The Kaiser's Yanks by Gary C Warne

The Kaiser’s Yanks by Gary C Warne Publisher: Publishing Success Online (Part of Richardson Publishing Inc.) Available on Amazon in UK at £9.50 As the centenary of the First World War approaches, that topic and its participants seem to be providing a rich source of material for authors and writers alike (not to mention dramatists, […]

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The Red Sweet Wine of Youth – The Brave and Brief Lives of the War Poets

The Red Sweet Wine of Youth by Nicholas Murray cover

A group portrait of the poets of the First World War by Nicholas Murray Published by: Little, Brown Cover Price: £25.00 All references given below refer to the hardback edition. Before reviewing this book, I thought I would read the opinions of others and, upon doing so, discovered it had been almost universally praised as […]

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Letters from the Trenches – A Soldier of the Great War

Letters from the Trenches book cover

by Bill Lamin Published by: Michael O’Mara Books Limited Price: £14.99 The death of the “Last Fighting Tommy” Harry Patch, has led to the genre of First World War diaries, letters and first-hand accounts receiving even greater attention in the media, in published book form and on the internet. This particular title has scored on […]

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