Just for fun…


The following recipes and household tip are taken from The ‘Allied Forces’ Cookery Book in aid of the Red Cross Fund – Ceylon, November 1917 and, although we have not tested them ourselves, we thought we would share them with you…


3 large lemons
250g sugar
1 litre boiling water

  1. Peel the lemons very thinly using only the yellow part of the rind.
  2. Then remove the pith and cut the pulp into thin slices, removing the pips.
  3. Put the pulp into a jug with as much of the rind as is liked.
  4. Add the sugar and pour over the boiling water. More sugar or water may be added afterwards to taste.
  5. When cool, strain and bottle.


Cooking for Invalids: Strong Beef Tea
  1. Take one pound of beef, freed of fat and bone, cut into small squares but do not mince it, and place it in an earthenware jar with a pint of cold water.
  2. Secure the lid, and place the jar in a saucepan of hot water; leave to simmer at the side of the fire for three or four hours, strain through muslin and squeeze out all the beef tea from the meat; add a pinch of salt to the beef tea before setting it aside to cool.

About a tea cup full is enough nourishment for an invalid at a time.


Household Hints and Tips

To clean marble washstands:

  1. Take 2ozs washing soda, 1oz powdered pumice stone, 1oz powdered chalk.
  2. Pound together and pass through a sieve.
  3. Take some of this powder and make it into a paste with cold water.
  4. Rub it well over the surface of the marble and leave it on for 12 or 18 hours.
  5. Then wash off well with soap and very hot water, and rub the marble dry with a woollen cloth.