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Written by W. Lawrance

Description :

Paperback and Kindle edition of our study guide, on Erich Maria Remarques’s novel, provides an essential resource for students and teachers. The novel, which is renowned as one of the greatest anti-war novels ever written, offers excellent scope for inclusion in comparative work. Our Study Guide provides examples of how Remarque and other authors and poets of the First World War use different styles and devices within their stories and poems to demonstrate their thoughts and themes.

This Literature Study Guide comprises an in-depth, chapter-by-chapter summary of the main events which take place in this novel. These clear and concise notes are particularly useful for revision, refreshing a student’s knowledge and understanding of the story.
Essential to the comprehension and analysis of any novel, our Study Guide focuses on the characters of Paul Bäumer, Katczinsky, Kropp, Himmelstoss and Kantorek, reflecting how the war and their experiences have an impact on their personalities.
Considered by many to be of particular value, is our ‘Themes’ section. This chapter of the Guide explains the main themes of ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’. Topics covered are ‘Waste and Futility’, ‘Comradeship’, ‘Complacency at Home’ and ‘Horror of War’.
Considered by many to be the key asset of our Notes, the ‘Comparisons’ section helps students compare and contrast various aspects of All Quiet on the Western Front with other popular literature of the First World War. This includes the poetry of Robert Nichols, E A Mackintosh, Isaac Rosenberg and Wilfred Owen, the play Journey’s End by R C Sherriff and the novels Strange Meeting by Susan Hill, Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks, Regeneration by Pat Barker and The Return of the Soldier by Rebecca West.
A biography of Erich Maria Remarque, including his childhood, brief war experience and his life afterwards, is also included.
Useful suggestions for further reading are provided, with brief descriptions, for titles that we believe enhance one’s understanding of the novel.


• Useful in-depth summary/analysis of the novel • Detailed notes on Character Analysis, Themes and Comparisons provide a valuable resource for examinations, coursework and individual essays • Biography of Remarque giving useful background information on the author.


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Format: Paperback, Kindle
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-910603-0-79
Extent: 84pp
Published Date: 30 November 2014
Edition: Second
Replaces: First Edition (ISBN: 978-1-905378-30-2)

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