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Written by W. Lawrance

Description :

Paperback edition of our popular e-book study guide, written specially for A-Level students studying First World War poems.

In the Great War Literature educational study guide “Notes on Scars Upon My Heart”, we have provided biographies of many of the poets, together with analysis of all of the poems included in the anthology. The amount of analysis given varies from a few lines to several pages, depending on the length, quality and relevance of the poems involved. In addition, we have also provided a useful additional chapter, entitled “Themes in Scars Upon My Heart”, in which we have re-arranged the poems thematically, in order to assist students who are studying the AQA A-Level syllabus.


• Ideal for A-Level Students (Key Stage 5) • Supports A-Level Syllabus • Useful click-throughs to in-depth analysis of many poems and biographies • Notes on the inclusion of poems and the editor’s choices.


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Information :

Format: Paperback, Kindle
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-905378-99-9
Extent: 234 pages
Published Date: 07 January 2014
Edition: First

Details :
  • Author : Lawrance, W
  • Category : Paperback
  • Date : 7th January, 2014
  • Tags : 978-1-905378-99-9 analysis note Notes on Scars Upon My Heart paperback poetry anthology study guides W Lawrance