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Written by W. Lawrance

Description :

This paperback study guide contains detailed analysis of a compilation of Siegfried Sassoon’s most popular and frequently studied war poems, for both GCSE and A-Level students.

The poems are arranged chronologically, as follows:
The Last Meeting, Died of Wounds, The Hero, The Death-Bed, They, Arms and the Man, ‘Blighters’, Base Details, The Rear-Guard, The General, To Any Dead Officer, Lamentations, Does It Matter?, Sick Leave, Attack, Survivors, Glory of Women, Prelude: The Troops, Twelve Months After, Suicide in the Trenches, Trench Duty, Aftermath, The Dug-out, Everyone Sang, To One Who Was With Me in the War.


• Full Analysis for each of the poems listed • Comparisons with other First World War poetry and literature • Detailed biography of Siegfried Sassoon • Introduction to Sassoon’s poetry • Further reading suggestions


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Information :

Format: Paperback
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-905378-20-3
Extent: 88 pages
Published Date: 19 November 2013
Edition: First

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  • Category : Paperback
  • Date : 19th November, 2013
  • Tags : 'Blighters' 978-1-905378-20-3 Aftermath analysis Arms and the Man Attack Base Details Died of Wounds Does It Matter? Everyone Sang Glory of Women Lamentations Notes Notes on Siegfried Sassoon Prelude: The Troops Selected War Poems Sick Leave Study Guide Suicide in the Trenches Survivors The Death-Bed The Dug-out The General The Hero The Last Meeting The Rear-Guard They To Any Dead Officer To One Who Was With Me in the War Trench Duty Twelve Months After W Lawrance