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Written by W. Lawrance

Description :

Notes on The Ghost Road is an ideal companion for A-Level Students (Key Stage 5) studying the novel by Pat Barker, a supports the English A-Level Syllabus. Containing a useful in-depth summary and detailed analysis of the novel. Other features of this comprehensive guide include detailed notes on Character Analysis and Themes, providing a valuable resource for both examinations and coursework units. The author’s use of reality in fiction are examined in detail together with suggested Comparative questions and general advice for students.

  • Synopsis: An in-depth, chapter-by-chapter summary of the novel, outlining the main events which take place. Clear, concise and broken down into ‘bitesize’ chunks, these notes are especially useful for revision and refreshing a student’s knowledge and understanding of the story.
  • Characters: Vital to the comprehension of this novel, our Study Guide articles focus on the characters of Billy Prior and Dr Rivers, examining the author’s use of real and fictional characters within the novel, paying particular attention to the development of these characters throughout the story and the use of different literary devices to achieve this.
  • Themes: Of particular value, this section of the Guide explains the main themes of The Ghost Road. Topics covered are:
    • Duty or Responsibility
    • Dealing with the Past
    • The Civilisation of Man
  • Comparisons: Considered by many to be the key asset of our Guides, these sections help students compare and contrast various aspects of The Ghost Road with other literature of the First World War. Topics covered are:
    • The Depiction of The War
    • Character Construction
  • Critical Analysis: In this section, we look at two aspects of The Ghost Road and critically analyse the way in which they have been handled. The aspects dealt with are: Using Reality in Fiction, and The Language and Narrative Style employed by Pat Barker.
  • Coursework Assistance: Here, we have provided essay suggestions and tips for success.

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