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Erich Von Falkenhayn (1861-1922)

Erich von Falkenheim

Erich Georg Anton Sebastian von Falkenhayn was born on 11th November 1861 in Burg Belchau, West Prussia. A career soldier, Falkenhayn rose quickly through the ranks and by 1913 had been appointed Prussian Minister of War. When the Schlieffen Plan failed in the autumn of 1914, he replaced Helmuth von Moltke as Chief of the […]

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From First Shots to Stalemate

4th Battalion Royal Fusiliers, 22nd August, 1914

In France, the Commander in Chief of the French army, General Joseph Joffre, had adopted Plan XVII, which revolved around the recapture of the territories of Alsace and Lorraine. The bulk of the French army would, therefore, be stationed in that region, leaving only a small force in the north. Joffre erroneously believed that Germany […]

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The Final Straw

The Schlieffen Plan

Germany’s plan to quickly win the war in the West, before turning her full attention to the Eastern Front, known as the Schlieffen Plan, essentially involved a speedy attack through neutral Belgium and into Northern France. It was then anticipated that the German army would encircle Paris and turn back on itself, trapping the French […]

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