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Herbert Plumer (1857 – 1932)

General Sir Herbert Plumer

Herbert Charles Onslow Plumer was born on March 13th 1857. He was the oldest child of Hall Plumer and his wife Louisa and he grew up in London. He was educated at Eton College, before attending the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst and being commissioned as a sub-lieutenant in the 65th Foot Regiment, which later became […]

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The Western Front, 1915

Poison Gas Attack

As 1914 faded and 1915 began, the hope that ‘it will all be over by Christmas’ rang a little hollow. In fact, almost all of the Regular Army had been wiped out in the battles of the autumn and early winter of 1914. Despite this, optimism remained high for the early part of 1915; Kitchener’s volunteer […]

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